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Joe Paige for Clearwater City Council
Seat 4

2057 Dawn Dr.
Clearwater, FL 33763
United States


Joe Paige

I am Joe Paige,candidate for Clearwater City Council Seat 4 in the March 9 election.

I am the alternative to the status quo in this race. I will work to shape council policy that seeks to prioritize and right size city government.

I am not a typical politician. My lack of association with special interests will allow me to make unencumbered, objective decisions as various issues come before the Council.

Join me as I work to break the cycle of politics as usual and provide our city with a common sense model for fiscal sustainability.

Joe Paige has been doing alot of research on Clearwater City Policy and here are some articles he wants to share with you.
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Joe Paige for Clearwater City Council Seat 4

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